Rathmoy Move

Posted on: 12th Dec 2016 by: David R. Lanigan Racing

We have now settled into Rathmoy Stables in Newmarket. The new yard is fantastic and the layout is very easy to manage. The treadmill went in last Saturday and we hope to have a new equine spa in this week which will be a great addition for the yard.

We have been very fortunate that all of our main staff have managed to come back to Newmarket with us. This has made the whole process a lot easier as the majority of them have been with us for nearly ten years now. Our head girl, Louise Kennedy and our second head lad Unno Sayyed, have done a great job setting up the new yard. They know how the place should run so that took a lot of the pressure off of me. We now have Claire Fetherstonhaugh in charge of the office, she was secretary at Warren Place for Sir Henry Cecil during my time as assistant to him. She is incredibly resourceful and very knowledgeable and is a great addition to the yard.

Most of our owners have been with us since I started training and have moved with us back to Newmarket. I am grateful for their continued support as without them we would not be able to do this job.

When we made the move we brought with us nearly all of the older horses and sent the babies to be pre-trained as I did not want them starting and stopping. A lot of them are in now but I hope to have them all in just after Christmas.

We won't have a lot to run until the start of the flat properly, as I have backed off of most to give them a chance. As they have had a big move, it is not right to change their whole programme and then run them at this time of the year. They will trot now until January when they start back cantering. Some have been gelded and any surgeries that need to be done are done now while we have the time.

We should have between 25-30 yearlings with some new owners and a lot of owners who did not come down to Lambourn have returned, which is great news. The other great thing about Rathmoy is it is right beside Revida Place, the yard we used to train from. So we all know our programme as far as the training regime is concerned. This saves time in the spring and saves stress also. We will just do what we did when we were in Newmarket before, which we had a lot of success in the past with.

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