Ownership at Rathmoy Stables

Whether you own a string of racehorses or just a ‘leg’ in one, there is nothing quite like the feeling of cheering a winner home in your own colours.

You might be an owner breeder who needs a mare to win to enhance her own prospects as future broodmare – or raise the profile of a developing family/bloodline. Alternatively, you could just be in racing for the pure sport of it, just wanting that glorious satisfaction of leading your horse into a winner’s circle. It all matters on a number of different levels – but the glow of success in horseracing is hugely satisfying.

And it is not just about being at the track. For many owners, there is a lifestyle choice involved. What could be more uplifting than visiting Rathmoy Stables and being around your horse at exercise, enjoying the athleticism of the animal as well as the beauty of the location. Throw in fresh air, an early-morning start and a hearty breakfast with the trainer and it’s a heady mix.

The good news is there are a wide range of options available for those interested in owning a racehorse here at Kingsdown.

Sole Ownership

You will be the sole owner of the horse. All costs are chargeable to you – and you will receive the majority of prizemoney.


This is a popular and fun way of being involved in racehorse ownership and only two partners actually have to be registered as owners thereby cutting out a lot of the paperwork. Up to 20 people can join partnerships and this can be an enjoyable and cost-efficient way of owning a racehorse.


These often involve more than 20 people and are headed by a syndicate manager. This is the least expensive form of ownership, allowing people to get involved but as a result of the large numbers there are less decision-making powers as they will fall to the syndicate manager and the trainer.


This is a great way of becoming involved in owning a racehorse without the cost of buying at the sales or breeding. There are some very good deals to be found as breeders are often keen to lease their fillies’ whilst they are racing but would like to breed from them once their racing careers are over.

Buying A Racehorse

Many people choose to buy their racehorse as a yearling at public auction. These take place from August until December of each year all over the world from England and Ireland to France and America. David attends many of these sales and purchases the horses based on their pedigree, conformation and the budget available.

It is also possible to buy a two-year-old at one of the ‘breeze-up’ sales in the spring or a horse in training either privately or at one of the many horses in training sales throughout the year.

If you are interested in ownership do not hesitate to get in touch and David will be keen to discuss the options available.